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How do I get my iPad rental? Where can I rent an iPad?
We offer 3 options. Please see our Contact Us page for details.

Do you rent out of NYC, how about worldwide rentals?
We offer service to anywhere in the USA. Stay tuned for international branches opening soon!

Can I rent at an hourly rate?
We only offer a daily rate, so the minimum rental period is 24 hours.

Do you offer bulk rates?
Yes we sure do! Please contact us for more details.

Do you have a weekly or monthly rate?
Yes! Please contact us and a sales team member will be happy to discuss your custom needs.

How much data do I get with my iPad rental if I choose the 3G option?
You get to download 100MB for each day of your rental. If you would like to stream video or download a movie from iTunes, make sure to first connect the iPad to a wireless (WiFi) internet connection before doing so.

Where will I be able to use the 3G data on my iPad or MiFi?
Anywhere you can get Verizon or sprint cell phone reception.

Can I download apps onto my iPad rental?
Yes. You can use your own iTunes account with your iPad rental.

How do I return the iPad?
Depending on how you received the iPad, you'll usually use the same method to return it.

What happens if I have sensitive data left on my iPad at the end of my rental?
Don't worry. We clear off any sensitive data stored on the iPad during your rental. It's also easy to remove the data on your own.

What happens if I’m running late and won't be able to return my rental on time?
We'll give you one hour grace period, after that you'll have to pay for a new day.

What happens if I'm late for return?
Ouch. You will need to send it back to us asap.
In the meantime we may just continue charging you for each additional day.
Additional fees may apply if you have a 3G internet device.

We will also soon have the option to buy the device from us, for those customers who fall in love will their rental device and can't let go. Seems, you’ll be covered by that option too.

Do you offer rentals for use outside of the United States?
Yes we most certainly do! Contact us, and tell us where you are traveling to.

Can you rent an iPad to non-businesses?
At this time we are only renting iPads to businesses and organizations.

I have my own iPad with my own apps, am I able to get those apps onto my rented iPad?
Yes you can. In iOS5  there is an option to download all your purchased apps over the air to your iPad. Just make sure you're on a WiFi network before attempting all those heavy downloads.

How are you guys so awesome?
Oh (blush) sorry no comment!

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