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Flying Connected was founded by a group of talented young entrepreneurs with a serious passion for technology and people user experiences. We believe the iPad is a groundbreaking new category of device, and we are focused on bringing the iPad into new places and uses far beyond anything ever imagined.

Flying Connected For Business

iPads have a become a crucial must have for all sorts of business events. From trade show vendors and attendees, store openings and demos, to business trips and meetings, our fully connected iPad rentals have delighted our customers and rightfully so. We offer a variety of pricing options to cater to each customers needs, and our professional and helpful staff are always ready to provide support when needed. We offer a wide selection of accessories such as stands and lock cases, to ensure your event looks good and runs smooth from the get go. Our team will even customize your iPad rental with your companies branding, as well as install any apps, videos or slideshows for no extra charge.

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Flying Connected For Travelers

We are proud to pioneer the next era in travel with our innovative iPad rentals. Flying Connected is the first company in the USA to offer the very best solution to keeping you connected when you travel.

When you rent a fully loaded 3G iPad with Flying Connected, your travel experience will be transformed. Our friendly staff will come out and meet you at the airport when you land, or we’ll have your iPad waiting at your hotel when you get there. Our professional staff will get you familiar with your device, and they’ll make sure to answer your questions. We keep our rates low because we really want as many people as possible to enjoy our services and stay connected when they travel. Flying Connected is the ultimate no brainer.

We aim to be the next big thing in travel, with plans to extend our services and expand our locations, while you fly.

We’ll soon be the next item on your travel checklist…

Booked tickets? Check. Weighed baggage? Check. Passports? Check. Booked iPad 3G with unlimited internet, loaded with Apps, Movies, Magazines and Books from Flying Connected? Check!

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Flying Connected For Hospital patients

Research has shown that a positive frame of mind for patients is key to recovery. For that very reason, we have directed our iPad rentals to include hospital patients (or their visiting family and friends), and they’re loving it! Patients can take advantage of the great content that comes pre loaded on each iPad, as well as use the on board 3G connection to place video calls to anyone around the world via Skype or FaceTime. Each iPad also comes loaded with the very best iPad games, and these too have been a great hit for hospital patients. Not only do the games keep a patient entertained, but they also increase movement, playing a direct part in patient recovery.

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